Colonel Yama was a member of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. Shortly after America entered the war, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Yama was sent to wipe out Wake Island. There, he clashed with the US Navy, taking a number of the soldiers hostage and wiping out the town. A secret prison was built under the city where the soldiers were kept prisoner. Among them were Lloyd, Jerry, and Frank Dean, the brothers of New York City police woman Betty Dean.

Betty went searching for her lost brothers with her ally Namor the Sub-Mariner. Finding the secret prison, Namor and his fellow Atlantean warriors clashed with Colonel Yama and his forces. During the fight, Yama fled the scene in a bomber. His desertion led to Namor retaking Wake Island and freeing the prisoners.

Yama arrived shortly after over Guam just as Namor and his forces attacked there as well. Realizing the source of the sneak attack, Yama ordered his men to fire into the water, causing casualties on Namor's side. The Sub-Mariner then boarded Yama's bomber and forced the Colonel to bomb his own troops. Afterward, Namor then pushed Yama out of the plane to his death before fleeing himself. Yama's forces were soon defeated thanks to the timely arrival of the US Navy.[1]


Yama had access to a bomber plane and a fleet of ships.


Yama was armed with a pistol.

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