Colonel von Bitters was a member of the Nazis during World War II. Following the Nazi occupation of France, he and his troops were stationed in the small town of Blanc along the French-Swiss boarder. A constant thorn in his side was Free French resistance fighter Frank Piraud.

In the fall of 1943, Von Bitters' men captured Frank's sister Ruth and forced her to write a letter telling his brother to surrender, or Von Bitters and his men would wipe out the entire town. He then forced Ruth to entertain him and his men by preparing dinner for a party he was throwing.

Unknown to von Bitters, his messenger was intercepted by the Destroyer who organized Frank Piraud and his men to rescue Ruth. While von Bitters "entertained" Ruth in her room, the Destroyer, Frank, and the other rebels posed as waiters and gunned down the Colonel's men. Storming in on von Bitters, the Destroyer and Frank knocked him out. The Destroyer then disguised himself as von Bitters and ordered all the Nazi soldiers in the area to storm the resistance hideout. Unknown to the Nazi soldiers, the hideout was rigged with explosives and upon their arrival, Frank set them off killing all the Nazis.

While Von Bitters' entire unit was wiped out and Blanc retaken by the resistance fighters,[1] the Colonel's personal fate is unknown.

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