Colosso was the X-Men's training robot. He had been redesigned and rebuilt many times, and was originally designed as a challenge for the X-Men in the Danger Room, as they were to defeat him in only five minutes as a test of their abilities by Professor X. They were able to do so by rendering Colosso blind with Professor's blanket, and knocking him over.

Doctor Doom once reprogrammed Colosso and two Sentinels the X-Men had, having all three attack the X-Men. Colosso was defeated by Marvel Girl and Professor X.

Cyclops rebuilt Colosso to use to train Colossus, Wolverine, and Thunderbird.

When Warhawk took control of the Mansion, he trapped the X-Men in the Danger Room and sent Colosso on Colossus. Colosso almost won this battle using sticky paste, but Wolverine regained control of the Danger Room before any outcome. [1]

Colosso once again battled Colossus and Wolverine under Banshee's supervision, and almost won once again, with Colossus only winning by hurling the robot at Wolverine while he cut him to pieces.


Colosso originally stood 20' tall and was powered by remote control. His materials could reflect Cyclops' optic blasts, he could fire a paralizing ray from his eyes, had jets in his legs and head, claws for hands, and strobe lights that could detect proximity. It was also built to battle the original X-Men, making it's strength at about class 40.

His second design was about as tall as a normal person, with energy blasts eminating from his left hand, and sticky paste from the right. He was then designed to battle Colossus, increasing his strength to about class 75.

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