Quote1.png "Me...? I'm just tryin' t'get out from behind the eight ball while the getting's good! An' the only way for me t'do that-- --is f'r you t'kill me dead!" Quote2.png
-- Arcade

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Synopsis for "A Most Dangerous Game"

The Story starts with Colossus and Meggan in a hotel in France when Colossus picks her up and jumps off the balcony and turns to metal before hitting the ground as a joke. They then discover the theme park they are going to is closed. Later Colossus bumps into who he thinks is an old friend. She poisons Meggan and then Colossus and kidnaps them in an ambulance. It is revealed that she is Miss Locke. They are taken to Arcade's Murderworld, when Colossus wakes up he finds himself in a room with the Acolytes (although he doesn't know they are robots). Suddenly he is in space and Meggan is floating around dead or unconscious. When he grabs her they appear in front of a burning house. Colossus' home. He puts Meggan down and rushes in. When Meggan wakes up she puts out the fire and goes in to look for Colossus. She discovers a robotic form of him as The Proletarian, the real Colossus destroys him and has figured out it is Arcade doing these things. Arcade and Colossus make a deal and when Meggan wakes up, she and Colossus are on a roller coaster going towards spikes, Arcade then approaches in a war suit and attacks them but Colossus apparently kills him by pushing him in quicksand, the two heroes then fall in as well. It is then revealed that they faked their deaths to avoid being killed by Black Air and the two return home to Britain.

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