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Colton Hendry was originally a vagrant living in a tent town in California until he was taken by members of a mutant hate group and outfitted with makeshift Omega Prime Sentinel cybernetics against his will. Programmed to instinctively kill any mutants he sensed around him, he was responsible for a series of murders until he was eventually apprehended by police.

Not wanting him to slip through the cracks of the justice system, Magneto broke into the courthouse where he was being held and dealt Colton a fatal wound just before learning of his unfortunate situation, causing the mutant Master of Magnetism to seek out those responsible.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Equipped with low-grade Omega Sentinel cybernetics, Colton had the ability to not only sense the presence of the mutant gene around him, but morph into a half-robotic form that includes extendable limbs, an energy gun, and a metal exoskeleton.

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