Quote1.png Oh, cheeeeese! Can't see--I'm scared! Better have another Combos to--You threaten the professor, buckets-for-brains, you deal with me! Call me Combo Man! I've been transformed! I feel like I can do almost anything! Like I've got all the powers in the world! What's happened to me? Quote2.png
-- Combo Man

Appearing in "The Incredible Origin of...Combo Man"

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Synopsis for "The Incredible Origin of...Combo Man"

A regular school student carrying Marvel Comics and Combos Baked Snacks named Rick Wilder is pressured by bullies into entering the school science lab where A.I.M. are, and during a fight with the A.I.M. scientist, an explosion is caused which gave Rick Wilder powers of other superheroes, and Combo Man was then born. During renewed fighting with the A.I.M. scientist and their Super-Adaptoid, they're defeated, and Combo Man learns a valuable lesson of peer pressure.

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