Comet Pierce hales from Reality-40800 where by the year 2150, the human race has expanded into the stars. Pierce was a famous space racer, involved in rocket races through space.

During a race to the planet Jupiter and back, Pierce's rocket was sabotaged by rival racer Jort, causing him to crash land on an alien world. Comet was rescued by Queen Larania. After he regained consciousness, she told him that she loved him, but she left soon after. Going back to his rocket, Comet found that it had been repaired and equipped with a new and more powerful engine that would allow him to race back to Earth and win the race days ahead of Jort.

Comet tracked down the girl that saved his life, revealing that he knew her to be Queen Larania of Martian Zoranthus. Knowing that her world had been taken over by the traitor Golak, Comet pledged to join her cause to free her world and fight in her resistance army.[1]


Comet is an expert rocket pilot


Comet Pierce's Rocket from Red Raven Comics Vol 1 1 0001

Comet Pierce's rocket

Comet flies a rocket specially made for interplanetary racing. Originally, it could fly between Jupiter and Earth within a matter of days; however, it has since been equipped with an even faster engine the limits of which are unrevealed.[1]

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