Communion Jack was one of the netgliders gathered into Cyberdive Cadre by Indigo Eshun and Doom.[1]

Once in Latveria, he first take sit in the office of the furious Ironwine, the latverian airport's director, and then was transferred to Libera Cielo.

He first assisted to a meeting of the evil corporation Angel's Breath and inform his leader, Eshun, then.[2]

During the invasion of USA by Doom, he was killed by Paloma's actions on the Cyberspace.[3]

His death had an impact on Eshun and on his fellows netgliders, some of them afraid to go back in the Cyberspace, where they knew they could die.[4]

  • It was stated by a Latverian soldier that Cat and Communion Jack were followers of the Invisible College Netgliders' religion.[1]

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