Communists of Gorillagrad

Communists of Gorillagrad (Earth-9602) from Challengers of the Fantastic Vol 1 1 0001
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Communists of Gorillagrad
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Gorilla City and the Super-Apes were combined in a Marvel versus DC crossover
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After the African nation of Gorilla City fell to communist forces and was renammed Gorillagrad. Kragoff, also known as the Red Ghost, formed a team of primates to take over Wakanda. But Bronze Tiger, the king of Wakanda, was not about to surrender his country without a fight. Before a solution could be agreed upon, Senator Grimm had to abruptly abandon the meditation session when he was called back to Challenger Mountain to meet with Uatu the Guardian. The Communists of Gorillagrad began their march to conquer the world, and Bronze Tiger joined forces with the Challengers of the Fantastic to stop the menace of Red Ghost, Comrade Grodd, Congo-Red, and Moon Boy.[1]


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