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Quote1 Yes! Compound Thirteen is the ultimate achievement of biological research--the final nerve gas--instant death! Quote2
Carol Danvers[src]


Compound 13 was an extremely lethal nerve gas. The chemical compound was considered to be the pinnacle of biological research and was part of a top-secret government project and was stored in highly secured canisters. A single canister could kill every living being in the radius of the Indiana state and in large quantities, the substance would have been able to depopulate the entire population of Earth in a single day. Worst of all, its effects also included carcinogenesis. Even the extraordinary and rare Kree technology like the Nega-Bands could neither fully contain, nor excise, the noxious toxins from its Kree host;[1] all it was able to do was limit the immediate effects of the toxin. As an added negative, the bands prevented any efforts of operating on the wearers's bodies in case of a potential sickness or injury.[2] If the individual was in the Negative Zone they seemed unaffected.[1]

Robert "Nitro" Hunter, who served the Lunatic Legion, broke in a secret Air Force base in the Chicago area, where recently a canister of the nerve gas had been delivered. The super-villain easily dispatched with security, which included the head of security Carol Danvers. But his escape failed to go as planned, as he crashed his truck into the car that Richard "Rick" Jones was driving. Jones summoned his friend and superhero Captain Marvel using their Nega-Bands, the Kree bands allowed them to switch places while the other person stayed trapped in the Negative Zone. Their ensuing fight caused the canister to leak; in resealing the canister, Mar-Vell could not avoid breathing in the substance, which knocked him unconscious.[1]

Compound 13 from Captain Marvel Vol 1 34 002

Before being strangled to death by Annihilus, Jones switched places with Captain Marvel again. Supreme Intelligence, who considered Mar-Vell imperative to his personal plans, intervened and revived his most valued soldier. On the order of the Supreme Intelligence, Jones took control of Mar-Vell’s body and defeated Annihilus. Captain Marvel, whose entire body was combating the nerve gas, received an antidote at a local hospital, which brought him out of his coma. The incident resulted in the existence of the dangerous gas being revealed to the public by national news media.[3]

Over time, the nerve gas introduced a carcinogenic growth in Mar-Vell's body. Despite a long search and consulting numerous volumes of medical research, he was unable to find a cure for his disease, but he refused to alarm anyone out of fear. On a mission to the Sanctuary together with Eros and Mentor, to pick up the body of Thanos, who had recently died and was encased in stone, to move him to the royal crypt on Titan, in whose course they were ambushed by former Thanos-Thralls, while they fairly easily defeated the pirates, Captain Mar-Vell felt the effects of the "blackend," as Kree refer to cancer, taking a toll on him. He informed his friends of his predicament. He figured that the photonic powers in his bracelets were able to fight off the disease for years, but realized his remission period was about to end.

Mentor and Jones consulted every doctor and scientist they knew and asked them in a final desperate attempt to save their friend's life. In the meantime, Mentor devised a form of chemotherapy for Mar-Vell, which proved ineffective. Unfortunately, despite saving his life at the time, the Nega-Bands had triggered a mutation in the disease, causing it to be immune to photonic energies, which allowed the cancer to spread further over the years, which in turn led Mar-Vell to depend more and more on his wristlets; it also stopped any efforts of finding a cure. In the end, knowing his condition was inoperable, Mar-Vell said his final goodbyes to his friends and colleagues. Surrounded by almost everyone he knew, he died on Titan.[2] Years later, Genis-Vell, Mar-Vell's son, would later revisit the infamous incident via a hologram projection, to gain insight on his father's past.[4]

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