Early Life

Conal was the closest friend of Iron Fist in K'un-Lun. He was banished from the city for having instructed his lover Miranda, Iron Fist's half sister, in the martial arts. He and Miranda were captured and supposedly killed by the H'ylthri[1].

Resurrection and Death

He was brought back to life by the H'ylithri calling himself Sharyd. The H'ylithri wanted him to retrieve the Scorpio Key from a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility so it could provide the unique sustenance the H'ylthri needed to survive. Sharyd and Mirand, now going by the name Death Sting, hired Sidewinder to steal the Scorpio Key, but he was killed in the process. Later, they persuaded Danny Rand to steal the Zodiac Key, by kidnapping Joy Meachum.[2]

After this, Conal and Miranda brought the key back to the H'ylthri, because they promised to make them normal again, but with the arrival of Danny Rand, Miranda betrayed the H'ylithri and used the Scorpio Key to help her brother and destroy the H'ylthri, killing Conal in the process. Miranda's body was not found after the explosion and she was presumed dead. However, some sailors found Miranda's body in the ocean. The explosion of the pods rained enough of their life-giving elixirs onto Miranda and she survived the experience.[3]




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