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Synopsis for "Hour of the Demons"

Kozakis attacks Akif while Conan is being tortured in the hanging gardens of Akif by Kulan Gath, Armati, and Shah Amurath. Fafnir and Isparana break into the garden and free Conan from the enslaving vines. Kulan Gath conjures up a fire demon using the sacred flame of Ormuz. Wrarrl, the Devourer of Souls, follows his "mother" Isparana and fights with the fire demon to protect his mother. Isparana kills Armati. After a fight, Conan kills and beheads Kulan Gath. The Devourer of Souls forces the fire demon into Akif's dam wall which is broken with the impact and water floods and destroys Akif. The fire demon is apparently destroyed by the impact with the dam wall and the overwhelming water flood. Wrarrl disappears. Conan and Isparana wonder what happened to Wrarrl. They believe Shah Amurath also died, but he is shown alive behind a rock surviving the flood. Conan and his companions return victorious from Akif.


  • This issue was the last Conan the Barbarian story by Marvel Comics before the return of the license to Marvel Comics in 2018 and Conan the Barbarian (Vol. 3) #1, published on January 2, 2019.
  • The black Kozak leading the charge against Akif then opposing the fire-demon is likely Zula (he is depicted in relation with his mentions by other characters), though with an hairstyle error, as the character is depicted as bald when Zula has a characteristic mohawk. Similarly, the unnamed Kozak on his right on both depiction resembles either an Hyrkanian or Khitan, and is presumably Turghol. Both of those characters reappear twice on the final page, without having any dialogue nor mentions.

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