Conan hurled boulders on a pack of Corinthian soldiers and was confronted by Thor, whom he mistook for an Aesir. Thor's strength greatly impressed him and earned his respect. After committing thievery and violet acts to the detriment of a priest of Mitra, he agreed to escort Thor to Mount Crom, and then to search for Mjolnir, after it was stripped away from him. After the fight with Thoth-Amon, a dying Thor gave his hammer to Conan, begging him to offer it to Crom, as a simbol of love that deities of a later age will share with benevolent mankind. The Cimmerian swore to do his bidding and ascended Crom's grey mound.[citation needed]


None known.


A wide variety of bladed weapons, though he usually preferred a two-handed broadsword.

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