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The past history of Conan in this possible future presumably mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

Through unrevealed circumstances, Conan found himself sailing across the Western Ocean, surrounded by the corpses of the crew, for seven days, and witnessed Men of the Sea.

Battling the Men of the Sea

Two days later, he finally docked at a port in Argos or Shem, under the influence of a growing horror. He seduced a terrified waitress at the local inn, but they were attacked by the Men of the Sea, who abducted the wench.

The fishmen took their captives to Dagon, a loathsome horror from before the coming of Men and the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.[1] possibly one of the Old Ones,[2][3] or a degenerated god.[3]

Conan tried to, hacking and slashing in the crowd of the disciples of Dagon, but was finally immobilized by Dagon himself. Like the other captives, he was turned into a mindless drone, serving and worshiping Dagon.[1]


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