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When Doctor Doom put an end to the heroes of the Heroic Age, Conan had achieved an understanding with the Latverian, who allowed Conan to become a King of his in the land that used to be Mexico. When Morgan Le Fay who fled from Doom tried to seek safe passage through the Conan's Land, Conan refused and slew the witch. Morgan then used her dying breath to curse Conan to live until the Sun itself burned the Earth under his feet, and her own consciousness also lived inside Conan, appearing and taunting him as apparition only he could see or hear. This caused others to think Conan to be a madman talking to the air.[1]

Conan the space barbarian

Over time the once fertile land withered and Conan abdicated his throne. Rather than rule the ashes, he told his people to save themselves and wander as he once did in search of a new life. In the year 2099 Conan finally found a way to break the curse when he witnessed a dying Nova Corps member, who asked Conan to take his Helmet and return it to the Corps. Conan travelled to Los Angeles, the location of a ruined Nova Citadel, where his helmet unlocked access to a restricted chamber. The artificial intelligence within recognized Conan as a Corpsman and offered to evacuate him from the quarantined planet, to which Conan agreed. The top of the Citadel was revealed to be a starship, which took Conan into space and the barbarian ordered to take him closer to the Earth's Sun. The heat of the star burned away the ship, but also the earth that Conan brought along with him for that very purpose, ending Morgan's curse. Conan himself survived thanks to the helmet and continued towards his next adventure.[1]



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Those of Conan of the Prime Universe



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