Appearing in "Bride of the Oculist!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Narada (Oculist's wife)
  • Tokhan (Narada's lover)


  • Richel (the Oculist)

Other Characters:

  • Reyalto (Captain of the Guard)
  • Habar (dies)
  • Baron Qabid




Synopsis for "Bride of the Oculist!"

In the small town of Vesci in Western Corinthia, Conan breaks into the Oculist's castle to steal his gold and runs into his young wife and her illicit lover Tokhan. Tokhan attacks Conan and takes him by surprise knocking him out cold. The Oculist's wife Narada comes up with a plan to steal the gold and blame it on the Cimmerian and his allies who stole the gold. She planned to eventually run away with Tokhan and the gold. Conan is imprisoned by Richel the Oculist.

The Oculist meets Conan in prison and tells him that he knows his wife had run away with the gold and with one of her many lovers. He proposes to Conan to capture them and bring the gold with an equal share of his gold for Conan. Conan agrees. He gets a long list of Narada's lovers from Richel the Oculist. Conan follows a trail of Narada's various lovers who have been afflicted by a skin disease caused by Richel's adding some potion to Narada's perfume. Conan first starts with Tokhan as the most potential culprit. After a fight, Tokhan admits that he assisted Narada but she never showed up after she promised to meet him to run away. Tokhan thereafter accompanies Conan on the trail as he truly loved Narada.

Solicit Synopsis

Two of Conan's greatest foes, the Devourer of Souls and the wizard of Thulsa Doom become allies against the Cimmerian! Even with the help of his old friend, Red Sonja, how can Conan survive?

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