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Quote1.png Wait! Do you hear it? That eerie laughter again -- but it's closer this ti -- what in the seven hells? Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Horror Beneath the Hills!"

Featured Characters:

  • Conan (Main story and recap)

Supporting Characters:

  • Atreah
  • Jonnwalli
  • Dukenrik
  • Unnamed girl of Pergona
  • Murilo, Lord of Pergona (Main story and recap)
  • Lady Yvonna (Main story and recap)
  • Armies of Carnolla soldiers
    • Petroccia (First appearance)
    • Three unnamed soldiers (First appearance)


  • Tribes of "things" (First appearance)
  • Ealaynia, Princess of Mist (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Guards of Pergona
  • Nareobbo (Mentioned)
  • Lord of Pergona (Mentioned)
  • Crimson Company (Only in recap)
  • Kreean (First appearance)
  • Reniella (First appearance)
  • Nabonidus the Red Priest (Mentioned)
  • Thak (Only in recap)
  • Belzamo of Ronocco (Mentioned)
  • Conan's tribe (Mentioned)

Deities and Invocations:

Races and Species:


  • Ophir
    • Pergona
      • Royal Palace of Pergona (First appearance)
        • Grand Hall (First appearance)
    • Ronocco (Mentioned)
    • Carnolla (Mentioned)
  • Cimmeria (Referenced)
  • Corinthia (Only in recap)
    • Unnamed Corinthian city-state (Only in recap)
  • Nemedia (Mentioned)
  • Seven Hells / Hell (Invoked)

Events and Eras:

Synopsis for "The Horror Beneath the Hills!"

  • Synopsis not yet written

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