Appearing in "A Sword Called Stormbringer!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Deities and Invocations:

Races and Species:


  • Mortal plane
  • Hell (Invoked)
  • Melniboné (First appearance)
    • Yagala (First appearance) (Only in flashback) (Moved to Hyboria)
  • Unnamed plane where gods dwell and there is war eternal between the forces of Law and Chaos (First appearance)
    • "Some distant netherworld palace" (First appearance)
  • Sun (Referenced)



Synopsis for "A Sword Called Stormbringer!"

A group of hooded killers stalk a fleeing woman on horseback, but as luck would have it, Conan is nearby and comes to her rescue. Just the touch of one of the hooded men's sword fells the barbarian, but before they can finish him off, a flock of giant eagles appears to chase the men away. The girl turns out to be Zephra, daughter of the wizard Zukala, who Conan met some years before. The wizard himself, without the power of his mask, has become a frail old man, and seeks Conan's help in defeating the evil of Kulan Gath and his henchwoman Xiombarg. He asks Conan to go to the city of Yagala, which has been transported from another dimension. Zukala enchants Conan's sword and Zephra guides the barbarian to the city. The wizard then truns his attention to the seeress Xiombarg, who is preparing to send her captain, Gaynor, after Conan. The woman senses Zukala's spying and breaks the connection. Some time later, Conan and Zephra encounter a traveler from Yagala's dimension - Elric of Melnibone. Conan assumes the pale rider is his enemy and attacks. Conan is unable to best the magically enhanced and armored Elric, and both parties stop fighting when they realize neither is working for Xiomberg. Suddenly, the undead forces of Gaynor attack. A vicious fight begins, only ending when Zephra uses her magic to call forth a flood of rain that washes the hellish flesh of the damned away, though Gaynor gets away. As Elric is also heading for Yagala, the three companions decide to travel together.

Solicit Synopsis

"A Sword Called Stormbringer!" The black-maned barbarian battles the warrior-king Elric - and the hordes of Hell!


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