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  • Turanian Dragon-Prows (warships)


Synopsis for "Hawks from the Sea"

It doesn't take long for Conan to rub the crew of Prince Yezdigerd's ship the wrong way, and he soon gets involved in a brawl with a short-tempered soldier named Balthaz. Prince Yezdigerd, impressed by Conan, tells the barbarian his plan to invade thy hyrkanian city of Makkalet, because they abducted the "living good Tarim" from the temple of the turanian capital Aghrapur. Yezdigerd's ship meets with the Turanian fleet and joins with the assault on the city. The high priest of Makkalet, Kharam-Akkad, has some secret plans to save the city, and to that end is subtly taking control of the city from its weak king. As Balthaz leads Yezdigerd's troops into the city, Kharam unleashes his secret weapon, nine giant undead warriors! They slaughter the Turanian troops but Balthaz and Fafnir escape by climbing the walls toward the priest. Fafnir is felled by an arrow and Conan risks his life to reach his companion, but, other than pulling the arrow free, realizes he can do nothing. He does, however, notice that one of the giants seems to be a focal point for the other eight, so he climbs back down into the fray. He doesn't see Fafnir groggily roll over and fall from the wall into the ocean. Conan confronts the central zombie, caving its head in with his mace, and is satisfied to see all of the other giants crumble as well. The monsters dissolve, as does the magical amulet that Kharam was using to control the undead, and the Turanian forces take the eastern wall.

Solicit Synopsis

Barry Smith returns as artist of the most widely-heralded comic-mag of all! And the story ain't bad, either!


  • Cover art and story colors by Smith (per Windsor-Smith in Spectrum Super Special #3).
  • Only story pages 1-9 are inked.
  • synopsis by YardIHS

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