Appearing in "The Wheel of Life and Death"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jarga (Death)
  • Rathnok (Death)
  • Pernaq (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Arasandra, the high priestess


  • Khoraja


  • The Wheel of Life and Death


Synopsis for "The Wheel of Life and Death"

The high priestess of Vajrath, Arasandra, asks Conan to bring back the stolen wheel of Vajrath's chariot. The wheel was stolen by a sect of pretending Vajrath's believers. One of the young priest, Rathnok, requests Conan to accompany him. They go to the temple of pretenders and after a struggle manage to steal the wheel back. On their way back, a group of brigands wait for them to kill them and steal the wheel. Conan was aware of their plan and the fact that Rathnok is one of their man. Conan leads the group into desert where they corner Conan. Conan lied to Rathnak that his other donkey is carrying extra water while hiding his water pouch somewhere on the way. The brigands believing they have enough water get stuck in the desert and die of thirst while Conan retrieves the wheel, picks up his water, and leaves.

Solicit Synopsis

The offer of a king's ransom in gold made Conan a willing pawn in a religious cult feud. It will take all of Conan's wits and strength to escape the cult's clutches once his usefulness has ended!

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