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Quote1.png Let's show the gutless pigs how the warriors of Pah-Dishah can fight! By Tarim, we'll give the devils scarlet wine to drink this dawn... or my name is not Red Sonja! Quote2.png
Red Sonja

Appearing in "The Shadow of the Vulture!"

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Synopsis for "The Shadow of the Vulture!"

Conan reaches the city of Pah-Dishah with a request of help for the besieged city of Makkalet. He delivers the message and leaves, despite the king's interest in his "barbaric tales." He heads south. Meanwhile, at Makkalet, Yezdigerd is visited by Mikhal Oglu - the Vulture. The prince sends the Vulture to find and punish Conan for the scar the barbarian gave him some weeks back. The Turanian forces track Conan down in a village south of Pah-Dishah. The Cimmerian is herded back to Makkalet and rescued by the newly arrived armies of Pah-Dishah, led by the warrior woman Red Sonja. Conan is now stuck with Melissandra and Eannatum, who tried to have him killed. Conan stumbles across a group of spies for Yezdigerd attempting to send messages. They tie him up but he is found by Sonja. Conan is freed and sets a trap for the Vulture, knowing he is on his way. A day later a package arrives in the Turanian camp - the head of the Vulture.

Solicit Synopsis

Even the Cimmerian is no match for — Red Sonja!


  • "The Shadow of the Vulture" was freely adapted from the eponymous story by Robert E. Howard, a non-Conan historical fiction story.
  • Synopsis by YardIHS


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