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Synopsis for "The Song of Red Sonja"

Red Sonja entertains a tavern in Makkalet with a dance, which quickly leads to a typical bar brawl, which Conan deals with in his typical way. In a quiet moment, Sonja rebuffs Conan's advances, though the two decide to ride off and cause some mischief together, including stealing the captain of the guard's horse. Meanwhile, Kharam-Akkad looks into a magical mirror with horror...
Part II: Sonja and Conan approach a tower, intending on pilfering its riches. The two climb the walls and find a room of incalculable wealth. As Conan pokes around the room, Sonja looks for a specific trinket the king of Pah-Dishah sent her for, a serpent tiara. Once she finds it, she bolts from the room and Conan hears her scream. Meanwhile, King Eannatum comforts his wife as the Turanian armies outside continue their assault...
Part III: Conan sees Sonja battling a misty snake that seems to be coming from the circlet in her hand. The two warriors manage to slay the beast and it turns back into the tiara. Sonja speaks an ancient phrase, spoken by King Kull of Valusia, to lock it into its shape. They leave the temple, and Sonja tries to sabotage Conan's descent. Conan, extremely angry and not a little bit turned on, finds out the hard way that Sonja will only give herself to a man who defeats her in battle. She rides off laughing, and Conan, done with it all, wanders back to the barracks.

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"The Song of Red Sonja" — #1 on any hit parade!


  • Cover art: pencils, inks and colours by Smith.
  • The story utilizes poems written by Robert E. Howard.
  • Synopsis by YardIHS

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