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Quote1.png Now do you see what you and that silver-haired fool have wrought, woman? The Devourer has returned to the world -- and he cares not if the soul he consumes is Kothian or Argossean or Zamboulan! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Devourer Comes to Dark Valley"

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  • Wrarrl's armor


Synopsis for "The Devourer Comes to Dark Valley"

Conan brings his mercenary crew to Dagoth Hill beyond the Salt Lakes of Koth. He warns the others about the demon he encountered the first time he visited this land. Isparana and Acheron grow close to one another, and retreat to a cave to share a moment of intimacy. Inside the cave, Acheron discovers the armor of Wrarrl, the Devourer of Souls. Conan enters and warns him not to don the armor. Acheron feels compelled however, and he puts on the armor thus releasing the Devourer of Souls. The Devourer attacks the mercenaries and Conan and Isparana fight him tooth and nail. The Devourer proves triumphant however and knocks Conan into the pit of a starry abyss.



  • A footnote indicates that the source for Conan's first encounter with Dagoth is revealed on the letters page, however no such information is supplied. Said encounter occurred in Conan the Barbarian #45.
  • Conan states it was he who killed the Demon of Dark Valley, when it was truly Laza-Lanti.[1]

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