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Synopsis for "Two Against Turan!"

Conan enters the city of Aghrapur in time to see the delivery of the statue of Tarim from Prince Yezdigerd. Conan mocks the procession saying the Turanians are silly to worship a tiny statue as their god and is quickly set upon by the religious zealots of the city. The Cimmerian tries talk this out, but finds that no good. A soldier upon a great white horse, but Conan daringly grabs it from the underside and with Herculean strength, manages to topple both it and the sword-wielding rider. Still Conan is overwhelmed by numbers but is rescued by a stranger who leads Conan via back alleys to a tavern. He introduces himself as Ormraxes, but some approaching guards call him Eithriall and attempt to bring him in. In the scuffle Conan is knocked unconscious and finds himself revived by a masked man who informs Conan where Ormraxes is being held. Conan, determined to repay his debt to Ormraxes, sneaks into the dungeon. Conan plows his way through the guards and rescues Ormraxes from the forces of King Yilidiz. Upon his return, Conan discovers the masked man is, in fact, Eithriall, and Ormraxes (an archaic Turanian term for "ghost") is just a spiritual projection Eithriall was using as a spy. The man and spirit use a crystal to reunite themselves, but a startled Conan interrupts the ceremony with his sword and Eithriall/Ormraxes perishes in flames. The Turanian guards appear at that point and reveal they know what has happened. They offer Conan a choice - enlistment in the Turanian army, or imprisonment. Conan opts for enlistment.


  • Freely adapted from the Two Against Tyre story by Robert E. Howard.
  • Synopsis by YardIHS.

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