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Appearing in "Death and 7 Wizards!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Brotherhood of Thieves of Wan Tengri (First appearance)
  • Kassar (Death)


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Death and 7 Wizards!"

Near the pool, where Conan surfaced, the beggar Bourtai hovers over him, intending on robbing what he thinks is a corpse. The barbarian comes to and forces Bourtai to lead him off the grounds. Bourtai leads him through a cave system to the hideout of the local thieves' guild, and Conan, having once plied his trade as a thief, feels right at home. Bourtai explains how seven wizards came to Wan Tengri and overthrew the previous king and now rule the city with magic and terror. Conan also learns that Kassar, the shepherd who smuggled Conan into the city, has been captured and will be put to death. Feeling responsible, Conan vows to save him, and has Boutrai lead him to the Flam Tower where the wizards rule. The tower itself is surrounded by the magical red flames that cover the city, and each untrusting wizard's personal guard lies ready to attack each other for the slightest reason. Bourtai and Conan sneak into the underground passages of the tower, and the two are separated. Conan comes across the already deceased Kassar, and soon finds himself in an arena, a guest of the seven wizards. For their entertainment, the wizards send tigers and men after Conan, culminating in a beautiful masked woman. When Conan removes the veil, however, he sees only a skull - he is now facing Death herself.


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  1. Savage Sword of Conan #191; Jade Coils in Black Khemi - Skull on the Seas Part II
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