Quote1 Open the gate! Open the gate I say! Must blood flow beneath the door planks before you'll stir off your rumps!! Quote2
-- Conan

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Synopsis for "A Shadow on the Land!"

Conan, Tara and Yusef ride back across the Plain of Shamu to the city-state of Ronnoco. Conan tells Tara of the prophecy he heard concerning the Black Shadow. At the castle of Belzamo, the king's son Vanni prepares for his impromptu wedding to the kidnapped Pergonian woman Yvonna. Yvonna has no intention of marrying Belzamo's foppish son however. Conan and his crew arrive, and he consults with the captain of the Crimson Company Murilo. Conan believes that he has deciphered the prophecy, so he steals Murilo's horse and rides across the plain. He finds the immobile idol of the Crystal Scorpion and drives his blade into it. The scorpion comes to life and shuffles off towards Ronnoco. Meanwhile, the Black Shadow arrives in the city-state and begins swallowing Belzamo's people. Captain Murilo and the Crimson Company unleash a volley of arrows against the creature, but to no avail. As the monster grows bigger with every victim it consumes, the Crystal Scorpion enters the city. It battles the Black Shadow and steals more and more power from it with every sting of its tail. Finally, the Black Shadow shrinks down to nothing. During the battle, cowardly Vanni, fearing for his life, kidnaps Yvonna and tries to escape from the city. Conan tracks him down and kills him then returns Yvonna to her people. Conan , Tara and Yusef part company with the Crimson Company and ride off into the sunset.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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