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Synopsis for "Devil-Wings Over Shadizar"

Conan, seeking his fortune in Shadizar, the zamoran capital, encounters two thieves, Fafnir and Blackrat, arguing over booty. Conan decides to take the treasure himself and quickly takes care of the two incompetent thieves (who are parodies of Fritz Leiber's famous characters Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser). He enters a bar and strikes up a conversation with an attractive local wench named Jenna. After getting punched in the face, Conan leaves with Jenna, who has more or less attached herself to the barbarian, or perhaps the surprising amount of gold in his purse. She takes Conan to her "uncle", Maldiz, a blacksmith, so he can melt down Conan's suspicious-looking gold coins into a new shape. Word has spread about the earlier robbery, and both Jenna and Maldiz put two and two together. With his now untraceable gold in his purse, Conan takes a moment to enjoy Jenna's company under a palm tree, but that quickly ends when he's knocked unconscious from behind by a trio of red-robed men. Curiously, they take only the girl and leave the gold behind. Conan seeks help from Maldiz, who recognizes Conan's description of the men and declares Jenna lost. The men are followers of the Night-God, who sacrifice a young girl every month to their evil lord. Conan heads towards their temple, steals a robe, and enters the evil cult's lair. He arrives just as the Night-God's priestess, Hajii, completes her prayer and puts out the brazier, plunging the open-roofed temple into darkness. Conan battles first the ultrasonic noise of the ritual, then the fanatics and uncovering the brazier discovers the secret of the Night-God: It is a giant bat-like creature who swoops in to devour its sacrifice. It grabs Jenna in its claws, but Conan leaps onto the monster's back with Hajii. All three humans are flown into the sky. Conan thrusts the brazier repeatedly into the beast's eyes and body, while Hajii desperately tries to stop the barbarian from slaying her god. Conan is victorious, and the monster plunges to the ground, leaving Conan insensible long enough for Hajii to pull a dagger to strike in vengeance. Luckily, the priestess forgets about Jenna, who knocks Hajii out with the brazier before Conan can be killed. However, in a final twist, Jenna, taking advantage of Conan's disoriented state, lulls him to sleep. When Conan wakes, he discovers that Jenna and the gold are long gone.

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The flutter of gigantic wings shatters the silence - a dim and deadly shape stalks in the dark of the moon - and only Conan the Cimmerian dares stand against it! Crom!


  • Synopsis by YardIHS

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