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Appearing in "The Garden of Fear"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jenna
  • Mountain People (First appearance)
    • Hialmar (First appearance)


  • "Garakaa"/"Winged One" ("Black-winged devil") (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Unnamed species of flowers (First appearance)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans
  • Unnamed "legend-birthing race" (First appearance)
  • Condors (Mentioned)
  • Long-Snouts (First appearance)
  • "Great tuskers"/"Hairy tuskers" (Unidentified species of Elephant-like behemoths, possibly Mammoths) (First appearance)
  • Elephants (Mentioned)
  • Unidentified species of fish
  • Unnamed species of flowers (First appearance)
  • Gods (Invoked)




Synopsis for "The Garden of Fear"

Conan and Jenna, while riding through a mountain range, are attacked by savage hill men. They manage to grab Jenna, and Conan responds violently. The battle is halted by the appearance of the savages' chief, whom Conan decides to trust to the point of even joining the savages in their frenzied dances. The next morning, Conan and Jenna prepare to leave, but the girl is snatched by a winged creature (reminiscent of the giant bat that grabbed her in #6) and taken beyond the cliffs; Conan gives chase. The valleys Conan enters contains all number of exotic animals and greenery, and he finally reaches a lighthouse-like tower in the second valley. An ebony, winged man steps out and tosses a man into the odd-looking flowers below. The flowers promptly kill and suck the blood out of the man, much to Conan's horror. The creature, noting Conan, goes inside but returns a moment later and dangles Jenna above the man-eating plants. With no way to reach the tower, Conan returns to the animals in the first valley and lights a fire to herd a group of mastodons toward the tower. The beasts trample the field of flowers, and Conan climbs the tower walls. He fights the creature to the death and, uninterested in the mysteries of the tower and its owner, leads Jenna out of the Valley.

Solicit Synopsis

A horde of rampaging behemoths - blood-crazed carnivorous plants - and leering, black-winged death - all these wait for Conan in the Garden Fear! Thrill follow thrill!


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