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Conchata O'Hara was the mother of Miguel and Gabriel O'Hara. Conchata was known for coaxing her sons into visiting her at the Wellvale Home with false alarms concerning her health.[1] Conchata's relationship with Miguel is strained, primarily because the latter believes that she hates him for looking too much like her late husband, his father, George O'Hara.

Gabriel often attempts to approach his mother’s moods diplomatically, while Miguel, tired of being jerked around, disregards her behavior completely. Though he tried off and on to mend his relationship with is mother, Conchata is largely disappointed with her son for being self-centered and wished that he behaved more selflessly like Spider-Man. When he revealed his identity as Spider-Man and Conchata laughed his confession off, believing him a liar. In regards to Gabriel, she worried that her son will become re-addicted to spending time in Cyberspace though Gabriel assures her otherwise.

After Conchata discovers that Tyler Stone poisoned Miguel, she is doubtful at first. She visits him and asks him to wipe the record of Gabriel's girlfriend, Kasey Nash, clean. Tyler agrees and they seal the deal with a kiss. Tyler tells her that he not did lace Miguel's drink with Rapture. The drug was meant only to simulate its affects; he wouldn't harm Miguel intentionally. Conchata simply says that when she looks at Miguel, she sees not her husband, but his father, Tyler.[2] Neither are aware that Miguel (as Spider-Man) is present to hear the truth.

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In need of money, Conchata O'Hara attempted to contact her elder son, but was unable to locate him. She then called her younger son hoping he'd know where Miguel was, but to no avail.[3]

When the former CEO of Alchemax went to visit Dana D'Angelo's apartment, he's shot two times by Conchata who declares that he rot in hell as she stands over his bleeding body.[4] However, Stone survives her attempt to murder him and is hospitalized. When Tyler recovers, he visits Alchemax and once again finds himself at Conchata's gunpoint. Miguel intervenes, inadvertently revealing himself to his mother and biological father as Spider-Man, the latter already aware of the truth. Conchata is proud of her son's work as Spider-Man and two seemingly reconcile their differences.[5]

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