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Astrans, Kallusians, Kree, Remorath, Rajaks, Unnamed species
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Intergalactic alliance


The Confederacy is an alliance between six different species, including the Astrans, the Kallusians, the Kree, the Remorath and the Rajaks. Formed over a thousand years ago, by 2018 the six leaders of the Confederacy were Taryan, Estella, Magei, Joqo, Qovas and Crixon. In the aftermath of the Battle of New York, the Confederacy was contacted by Hydra with a device scavenged from a Chitauri warship. After Hydra leadership was neutralized by combined efforts of Glenn Talbot and Phil Coulson, General Hale remained the Confederacy's only contact on Earth.

When they learned of Thanos' interest in Earth, the Confederacy demanded the planet's supply of Gravitonium in exchange for protection. In reality, they were well aware than their combined efforts were no match for Thanos' forces and were simply trying to extract as much value from the planet as possible before it fell to the Mad Titan.[citation needed]


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