The original Confluctor was the only working relic left on the Temporalon homeworld after the Void attacked it. Bob Reynolds made a promise in their memory to use the device to defeat him once and for all. When the Void began to re-emerge, Bob started repairing the Confluctor hoping it could keep the villain disoriented for a while.[1]

Following the Civil War, the Sentry donated several Confluctor devices to serve as transport gateways into the Negative Zone. The Confluctor gateways were manned almost exclusively by Sentry's A.I. servant C.L.O.C..[2]

After the Sentry returned from death, Doctor Strange set up a pocket universe inside his mind where he could operate as the Sentry without risking the emergence of the Void in the real world.[3] In order to access this "Sentry World," Bob used a Confluctor created by Tony Stark. This Confluctor was stolen from Bob's apartment by Billy Turner as part of a plan to supplant his former mentor as the Sentry.[4]

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