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Races of the Nine Worlds

The Congress of Worlds was a congregation of representatives of the Nine Realms with the purpose to discuss and resolve issues of interest to all of the Nine Worlds.[1]

The Congress is also tasked with the approval of royal appointments,[2] such as a King's[3] or a Royal Inquisitor's nomination.[2]


The first reunion was marked by aggression from the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, denouncing Asgardian dominion over a false republic, quickly killed by the All-Mother.[4]

Volstagg was eventually elected senator for Asgardia.[5]

After Heven was reintegrated among the Ten Realms, they were granted a representative in the Congress of Worlds,[6] while the Jotuns later departed it, leaving an empty seat.[7]

League of Realms / Svartalfheim Civil War


War of the Realms


Visiting a Light Elf refugee camp in the Skornheim Mountains of Nidavellir along with Senator Volstagg and Senator Solomon of Midgard, he was killed by an attack from Muspelheim along with the refugees.[8]

Congress of Worlds

The Congress was initially composed of many people from the Nine Realms. There were also present people from many species and groups present in those Realms.[4][1][9]

The Congress assembly was later seen composed of only representatives (usually two) of the Ten Realms.[7]

Please find the list of known successive senatresses and senators, representatives and emissaries, with in bold the current ones (the names are presented in chronological order of appearances for each party and their various groups of representatives).

  • Heven
    • Two unidentified Angels senatresses;[7] formerly unidentified Angel representative[6]
  • Many unidentified representative from unidentified species and realms[4][1]

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