Through strategy and perseverance, Conquest took control of his entire Earth, but it was not enough for him and he sought out the infamous Time Sword to conquer other realities through time.[1] To this end, he traveled throughout time trading advance weaponry with several civilization and individuals; among them the Wild West,[2] Feudal Japan,[1] a Mayan civilization that had an encounter with the Eternals,[3] and even Russian Tsars.[4] All with the goal of finding the fragments of the Time Sword; however, his actions had the consequence of heavily altering the present which drew another time traveler, Cable to investigate the weird happenings.[4]

Conquest and Cable finally met while he establish relationship with Rasputin and gained access to a fragment of the Time Sword. Aware that Cable would be coming after him, Conquest planned ahead of time and set a trap for Nate, trapping him with metallic tentacles. Conquest took this opportunity to speak about his past and ambitions to Cable. Goaded by the time-traveling X-Man several times, Conquest refused to be baited into a fight, saying he had taken control of all his reality not by charging into battle but by carefully laying plans; however, Cable broke free of his restraints and easily overpowered the Russians and fought against Conquest in physical confrontation, before telling him was going to the next piece of the Time Sword and he teleported away.[4]

Conquest followed him to North Africa, during the late Cretaceous Era and engaged him with his time army and Cable, once again goaded him, saying he was nothing without his troops. Not one to fall for words, Conquest, summoned more soldiers who eventually overwhelmed Nate. Gloating that he finally had the Time Sword in his hands, with a swipe of the blade, Conquest sought to merge the Dinosaurs with the future of the Deathloks; however, he was soon caught within a time vortex. As Conquest's body was pulled into the timestream, Cable explained that he was wielding an incomplete Time Sword, which resulted in the backlash.[5]


Conquest was a master strategist and trained in several forms of combat, both armed and unarmed. He was also smart enough not to charge head on into a battle.[4]


Overconfident in his own skills.[5]


He wore a gauntlet that could fire energy beams, time traveling technology, access to vast amount of soldiers and advance futuristic technology.[6]


Double-bladed energy sword, several futuristic guns, and briefly held parts of the Time Sword.[6]

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