Hundreds of years ago, a group of Spanish explorers (including a contingent of soldiers who called themselves Conquistadors) found the Fountain of Eternal Youth in the Florida swamps. The initial group that drank the water were transformed into the ogre-like immortal beings called the Fathers. The remaining members of the party bathed in the water instead, and gained immortality in return for their emotions, but were not physically changed like the Fathers. They founded the village of La Hacienda at the site of the Fountain, and when they discovered they could not leave their village without losing their immortality, they stayed in La Hacienda and cut themselves off from the rest of the world.[1]

In the modern era, La Hacienda was discovered by F.A. Schist, which lead to a conflict with the Man-Thing that killed several of the Conquistadors.[2]

Under unrelieved means, a way was discovered for the inhabitants of La Hacienda to leave the town without losing their immortality and dying. One of the Conquistadors joined The Command, Florida's government-sponsored super-hero team.[3]

When that Conquistador was killed by zombies, a second Conquistador took his place on the Command, but shortly after joining was secretly replaced by a skrull using Devil Dinosaur's powers.[4]


The Conquistador was granted eternal youth from bathing in the waters from the Fountain of Eternal Youth, which replaced his blood with its waters. He is immune to the effects of aging and disease (even including the zombie virus of Earth-2149), but he can still be killed by injury. The waters have also diminished his ability to feel emotion, and if he does feel emotion despite this dulling, he will lose his immortality. For hundreds of years he was also unable to leave the vicinity of Fountain of Eternal Youth without losing his immortality, but that restriction has recently been lifted.


Is a skilled fighter with centuries of experience.

This Conquistador has not actually been shown working with the Command. He was replaced by a Skrull very soon after joining the Command to replace his fallen comrade.

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