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Conscience was a special robot created by Master Mold when its memory-engrams were that of Stephen Lang. Master Mold felt too lonely and built a special robot who could feel emotions. Conscience was also built with Lang's memory-engrams.[1]

Conscience would be an accomplice of Master Mold during his plan to create and spread the Retribution virus, which stopped mutants from using their powers and then killed them. The Retribution virus was created by Moira MacTaggart under Master Mold's influence.[1]

However, Banshee and Cyclops discovered what happened. Master Mold infected and kidnapped Banshee and a mutant girl, but could not defeat Cyclops. Cyclops freed MacTaggart and tried to protect her while she was developing a cure.[1]

Master Mold sent an army of robots, led by Conscience, to invade Muir Island. Conscience defeated Cyclops, MacTaggart and their ally Callisto. Both Cyclops and Callisto were infected, and then led to Master Mold alongside MacTaggart.[2]

Then, Master Mold and Conscience discovered that the virus had mutated and was also lethal to human beings. Master Mold insisted on using it anyhow, assuming that a small number of humans would survive; then, the Sentinels could control them to avoid the birth of new mutants. Conscience, being emotional, decided that it would be unfair. Conscience fought and destroyed Master Mold, sacrificing itself, to avoid this scenario.[3]

Master Mold has returned since, but Conscience was truly dead. Apparently, Conscience managed to get a victory by destroying the Retribution virus.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman durability
  • Superhuman strength.
  • Robotic construction (immune to mind control, etc)
  • In-built laser



  • Conscience had a staff that emitted laser blasts and electric shocks.

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