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In the 1970s, Constance Molina was a reporter for numerous tabloids, specially focusing on sightings of metahumans. On November 7, 1972, detective James Lucas discovered the corpse of a bat-like monster, and Constance offered to help him, by contacting him with Adam Brashear.

Contance in the 70s

When she, Lucas and Brashear arrived to the morgue where the body was being kept, they discovered Blade fighting Kaluu. The fight was stopped, and as they began investigating, the Bear appeared, and presented herself as the killer of that creature, in self-defense, as she wanted to prevent the Deathwalkers from using it for a sacrifice.[1]

The Bear explained that she herself was the result of a failed attempt of the Deathwalkers to extinguish humanity in 1908, and that they would try to do it again. With the mystery solved, the people present formed the Mighty Avengers, and went to find the Deathwalkers. Kaluu tracked down the magic they used in the were-bat to a secret subway below the City Hall. The Mighty Avengers then attacked the Deathwalkers before they could make their sacrifice. After Blade recovered the Talisman of Kamar-Taj, which was required to perform the sacrifice, Adam Brashear caused the subway to collapse above the Deathwalkers. With the Deathwalkers stopped, the team disbanded.[2]

In the present day, Constance and Kaluu returned to New York City in order to contact Luke Cage's Mighty Avengers,[1] and inform them that the Deathwalkers had returned.[2]

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