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Frank Payne left a woman named Sandy shortly after their son was born. The boy grew up hating his father for abandoning them, and after Frank died of a terminal illness, he left the Constrictor's Battlesuit to his son in his will, who then decided to don the costume as a way of getting back at his absentee father.[1]

He next attended the Wizard's meeting at Herbie's where numerous criminals discussed the dangers of Doctor Doom having gone straight as the new Iron Man,[2] and subsequently participated in the ambush when Victor came for Chemistro, who had escaped from Ryker's Island Maximum Security Penitentiary along with various others.[3]

Sometime thereafter he was hired by Liwei to break into Danny Rand's apartment and steal the Book of the Iron Fist for Choshin;[4] however, the Constrictor got greedy and demanded double the payment. When Chosin refused and threatened to have the torture the location of the Book of the Iron Fist out of him for free, the Constrictor revealed he'd brought the Serpent Society for backup and the price was not triple the agreed upon price.

Meanwhile, Iron Fist had enlisted the help of Sabretooth to determine the identity of the thief posing as the Constrictor. The duo tracked him to the Serpent Society's hideout, arriving just as Chosin's men attacked in an attempt to steal the Book of the Iron Fist for themselves.[5]

During the ensuing battle, the Constrictor attempted to flee, but was caught and poisoned by the Rat of 12 Plagues as Chosin claimed the Book of the Iron Fist. By the time Iron Fist and Sabretooth found him, the Constrictor was dying and desperately explained his relation to Frank. Remembering Frank's former relationship with the Constrictor's mother, Sabretooth took him to the hospital in hopes they could save his life.[1]

Constrictor later joined up with the Hood when he reassembled his gang and was present when they assaulted Victor von Doom in the ruins of his castle.[6]



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