Thanos become trapped in a pocket-dimension that he was investigating. Separated from his source of cosmic energy, he was only able to contact normal reality mentally through a genetically engineered creature called Consumption.

Consumption then contacted the Plunderer, brother of Ka-Zar, and converted its own body into a gateway to the pocket dimension containing Thanos, destroying itself in the process.[1]


Superhuman Strength: Consumption possessed enough strength to smash through concrete and the floors of a building.[1]

Superhuman Durability: Consumption possessed a tough body that was able to resist gunfire with ease.[1]

Flight: Consumption could fly through the air by unknown means.[1]

Teleportation: Consumption could teleport an unknown amount of distance with at least one person in tow.[1]

Telepathy: Consumption was able to mentally share images with Plunderer.[1]

Claws: Consumption possessed sharp claws capable of rending most substances, people, and even itself with ease.[1]

Interdimensional Nexus: Consumption's body served as a container for a portal that led to a pocket dimension. However, it had to kill itself in order to access the portal.[1]



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