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  • Badoon ship

Synopsis for "Process of Elimination"

Matches in the Contest of Champions continue aboard the Coterie's ship within arenas that holographically mimic elaborate urban environments in which the heroes are used to fighting. The Human Torch, his natural cockiness amped up by the nanites infecting his mind, aggressively racks up a pair of victories first against the inexperienced new Spider-Woman, then his former teammate She-Hulk. Between those matches, he watches in disappointment as his leader, Mister Fantastic, gets literally chewed up and spit out by the Hulk. In his next match against Storm, his plan to trap her in a claustrophobic environment fails and he ends up back outside battered by her strongest winds. He thinks he can still win by incinerating her with his nova flame, but in a moment of clarity he remembers his need to keep his powers in check, and he allows himself to be defeated.

Meanwhile, the Empiriatrix is alerted to a problem with one of the contestants. Shadowcat has been in a state of feverish agony since coming aboard due to the nanites struggling against her body's natural intangible state. Abandoning the ruse, the Empiriatrix pays Pryde a personal visit. Recognizing her, Kitty defiantly proclaims that the X-Men defeated her before, and she'll be defeated again.

Elsewhere, Iron Man finds himself and a still-crazed Psylocke in a massive semi-organic environment after his defeat. Losers were supposed to be teleported back to Earth, but he could tell just from the energy output of the beam that wherever they were going, it wasn't far from the ship, and possibly still somehow within the ship, which would be even more gigantic than it first appeared. After dealing with monstrous alien predators and subduing Psylocke, whose nanites were now suppressing her powers as well as her reason, Iron Man focuses on catching, dissecting, and re-engineering the malicious nanites. He's able to synthesize his own antibody nanites just as Psylocke loosens her bonds and attacks him again. He sprays her with his concoction and it works in restoring her powers, but before her mind can catch up, she lances him with her psychic knife, causing him to fall unconscious on top of her.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The Human Torch faces off against the brand-new Spider-Woman! Atlas, of Thunderbolts fame, takes on Storm! Plus: Iron Man is trapped in the bowels of the alien's arena ship - where he uncovers the fate of the heroes that lose their battles!


  • The winner of the match between the Hulk and Mister Fantastic was determined by popular vote on Marvel's website. Hulk won.

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