Quote1.png Something's -- distracting them -- some kind of... mind control? Is that it? Well, with the ISO-Sphere, I can play that game, too... and the Maestro always wins! Let's see what's got you weird little critters so riled up, shall we? Open wide, little fellow... the doctor is in. Quote2.png
-- God-King Maestro

Appearing in "Ultimate Fighting: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Fighting: Part Two"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis


• Here come... THE SYMBIOIDS! Half Venom - half Void - and all deadly!

• Are the Ultimates a match for the cosmic critters? And can they knock the Maestro off his throne?

• Plus - Battleworld breakout! Which contestant returns to Earth - and which one leaves in a box?

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