Control were allegedly a group of men who sought to direct the future of the world by manipulating America's superhumans, originally formed from plans for an advisory council think tank purposed by Reed Richards after Gormuu attacked New York City before Richards became a member of the Fantastic Four. The members of Control were instead military high-ups and industrialists who were believed to have diverged from Richards' original plans and instead singled out gifted scientists who they monitored and subtly manipulated as well as alien technology and superhumans whose strings they pulled and often inadvertently or directly created by setting up the circumstances by which they able to gain their powers.

Control were believed to be responsible for the lack of media coverage that alien visitations to Earth received as well as giant monster attacks. Control were also stated to have insured that the Fantastic Four made their space flight in an unshielded craft to use them as guinea pigs and that Matthew Murdock received powers from his exposure to radioactive waste, perhaps even setting up the accident that caused his exposure in the first place and also funded the Sentinel program for Bolivar Trask and allowed radiology experiments to be conducted such as the one which irradiated a spider that bit Spider-Man among suspected others. Control also claimed to have allowed the Hulk to continue existing as the threat he represented allowed them a larger budget and more weaponry developed.

General Harrison eventually left Control when it grew too large, with the original six members no longer involved, alive or in charge and the money it was generating beginning to be used to support supervillains and decided to give confidential information to two seperate reporters, first Cliff Garner and then later Mark Ewing, which placed both journalists life in danger and had them targeted alongside him by S.H.I.E.L.D. who claimed that Harrison was in fact mentally ill and had killed Garner when he didn't believe his 'delusions'.[1]

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