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During the Identity Crisis, Peter Parker took the guise of Prodigy. He saved the Ambassador of Sufind from terrorists and fell under the eyes of Norman Osborn. When Conundrum kidnapped the Ambassador's daughter Tabriaz, asking for the mystical Hand of Mumthazi, a Sufindian national treasure in return, and in sequence, Jack O'Lantern stole the Hand from a museum, on the behalf on Norman Osborn, Prodigy went to the Embassy of Sufind to offer his services. There, the Ambassador's old friend, Norman Osborn also promised his help. Osborn was planning to manipulate Prodigy, and the Ambassador told Prodigy where the exchange was to be made. The place is "Maguire's", an old abandoned Irish pub. There, Conundrum and Jack O'Lantern had a scuffle, even though they both had what the other wanted. The talk between the two villains indicated that they shared the same mentor, that Jack was much older than Conundrum, that he had a romantic vein, that he taught Conundrum some of his tricks, and that their mentor would be disappointed if he knew Mad Jack had become a mercenary. As Prodigy arrived, they both turned his attentions to him, growing to seem 30 feet tall.[1]

Prodigy fought them both and was being defeated until he realized they were just illusionists. Then, as he gained the upper hand, Jack's cat bought enough time for Mad Jack escaping. Maguire also fled, but Conundrum was captured. After he revealed the location of the girl, Prodigy turned him over to the police. He tried to run away again, but Peter KO'ed him with a powerful jab.[2]

Freed from Ravencroft by Dark Carnage, Conundrum was recruited into the Cult of Knull alongside Will O' The Wisp and Freak; and bonded to an offshoot of the Grendel symbiote. Sent after Deadpool, he was seemingly killed by Wade Wilson.[3] Surviving, he was eventually recaptured by the authorities and imprisoned in the rebuilt Ravencroft Institute.[4]


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