Cookie Malone was the cook in British Columbia where James Howlett, renamed Logan after his arrival, came with Rose to work after Logan was expelled from the Howlett estate by his grandfather. The foreman there was Smitty who was a gruff man, but he was fair. Cookie was obese while all the other men there were extremely thin, so they often said that he stole extra rations. He took an instant disliking to Logan and continually hurt him, until Smitty came to his rescue. As Logan became well loved and called either "Little Smitty" or "Wolverine", Cookie became less popular among the men which angered him. One day, Smitty taught Logan to use explosives and Cookie shortened the fuses so that Logan would run out of time to get out before the dynamite blew. While this resulted in the deaths of five men, Logan survived and was able to shield a young boy from the blast too. While graves for the deceased were dug, Cookie stole their possessions. Logan approached him and made him expose himself as the fraud he was which just made matters between them worse. Cookie cut Rose and Logan's rations, resulting in Logan hunting deer in the woods and giving the extra to the neighbors which made him more beloved. In a cage match held at a bar, Cookie fought Logan. A hooded figure, who was actually Dog Logan gave Cookie brass knuckles to hurt Logan with but Logan being quite a formidable opponent at the time, won easily. After Rose's death, he is seen going through her belongings for things of value. He throws her diary and important letter written to James, Logan, into the fire.[1]




Adequate cook.

Strength level

Cookie possessed the strength of a man of his age, height, and considerable weight who engaged in no regular exercise.


Extreme jealousy, gluttony, greed, lack of compassion/empathy, lack of a formal education.


Pots, pans, cooking utensils.


Frying pans, pots, brass knuckles.

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