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As a high school student, Cooper Coen had a crush on classmate Peter Parker. While on a field trip, Cooper saved Peter from being bitten by a radioactive spider, resulting in Cooper being bitten instead and gaining super-human abilities.[4] The two became very close friends since then. On prom night, when Cooper's date stood him up, Peter went as his "bro date" so that he wouldn't feel bad. After graduating high school, Cooper picked up on Peter's knack for photography while he was working for the Daily Bugle and encouraged him to pursue it as a long-term career over a field in science, ultimately helping him get a job as a runway fashion photographer.[4][5]

Cooper's already rocky relationship with his homophobic parents was strained further by his need to hide his secret identity, ultimately resulting in them kicking him out of his home. Cooper came to live with his aunts, Laurie and Mel Coen. The two encouraged Cooper to follow his passions and put him in New York's best fashion school, which later led to him receiving a job at the premier fashion house, Van Dyne. He then became a superhero under the alias of Web-Weaver, to protect his and his aunts' community.[4]

Cooper worked as Web-Weaver for at least three consecutive years. In his superhero work, he faced off against villains such as Chameleon,[4] Ant-Man, Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, Symbiotes,[1] Rhino, Vulturion,[5] Grizzly, and Kingpin.[6][7]. Encounters with Ant-Man and Morbius interrupted his plans to attend Kyle Jinadu's summer birthday parties on Fire Island for two consecutive years, with Kraven the Hunter interfering with the third.[1]

While attending college and/or fashion school, Cooper and Peter began living together as roommates, which they would continue to be after graduating.[4][5]

While working for Van Dyne, Cooper once dated fellow employee Albert Moon before Moon left Van Dyne to start working for the competitor, Jean-Paul Beaubier, the owner of Northstar. This soured their relationship with each other, and Cooper largely still feels bitter about it, but is willing to accept the "messiness" of Albert having romantic attraction to his Web-Weaver identity.[4] Unbeknownst to Cooper, Albert also worked as the vigilante superhero Silk. As neither of them knew each other's secret identities, they developed a flirtatious pseudo-romantic relationship and would sometimes work together or cover for each other when the other was unavailable for superhero work.[4][1]

During one New York Fashion Week, Cooper discovered that one of the models, Millie Collins, was being impersonated by a shape-shifting assassin, Chameleon, who also impersonated Cooper's boss Janet Van Dyne. Web-Weaver intervened, exposing Chameleon's plotted assassination of model Silvija Sablinova, and trapped the Chameleon with his webs. Immediately after, Spider-UK used a web portal and recruited Web-Weaver to fight a new threat to the Spider-Verse.[4]


Cooper Coen, similar to Peter Parker, works to keep a jovial personality with quips and jokes in spite of hardships. He goes further by expressing himself as an effeminate homosexual, having been disowned by his parents for it but embraced it with support by friends and family. Like so many spiders, Cooper prioritizes responsibility over personal gain, such as skipping a date to save a life or rejecting a date with Silk to make it to work the next day.[4]



Spider Physiology[4]


  • Web-Weaver's suit is based on the radioactive spider that bit him, both being based on the Argiope aurantia species.
    • Steve Foxe gave a list of "new and unique" spider species for Kris Anka to pick from when designing the suit. In designing it, Anka looked at the works of the McQueen and Mugler high fashion brands as inspiration.[8]
    • Incidentally, the suit shares its color scheme with that of Janet Van Dyne's Wasp persona, whom Coen works for.
  • Cooper Coen's initials may be a reference to the logo of the Chanel fashion brand and its founder Coco Chanel.
  • By the events of "Fire With Fire", Cooper has been Web-Weaver for at least three years.[1]
  • Being a classmate of Peter Parker, Cooper was likely 15 years old when he was bitten. As he has been Web-Weaver for at least three consecutive years by the events of “Fire With Fire”, this would make him 18 years old at minimum. However, presumably because he lived independently of any legal guardians in an apartment, and assuming his fashion school only admitted those of legal age, he may instead be around 21 years old by the events of “Fire With Fire”.[4][1]
  • Though Cooper is proudly Jewish, he isn't very devoted.[9]

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