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Cooper Roth developed gravity manipulation powers through unknown means and signed the Super Human Registration Act, joining the Initiative and eventually becoming a member of its Nebraska branch. Naming himself Paragon, he kept the gravity-manipulating aspect of his powers a secret.

At an unknown point Roth and his mother Gretchen were injected with experimental forms of Extremis virus by Genetech, a company secretly owned by the Mandarin. After Gretchen became sick, the company promised to heal her if Paragon would lure his team-mate Gadget into a trap. After going on a routine investigation, Gadget and Paragon found Graviton laying unconscious. Using this to his advantage Paragon killed Gadget, injuring himself and blaming it all on Graviton.

Hospitalised, Roth was visited by Iron Man and Captain Ultra but claimed to remember nothing after the attack. Iron Man did not believe his story and accused Paragon of being involved in Gadget's murder, using the inconsistency of his invulnerability powers as proof. Iron Man then attacked Paragon, and Captain Ultra burst in to stop him, in the confusion Paragon escaped.

Returning to the company, Paragon found his mother dead, he attacked Borjigin who fought back with his own superpowers and Borjigin hypnotized Paragon, convincing him Graviton had actually killed his mother and that he should attack Graviton. He found Graviton, but Graviton quickly crushed Paragon, killing him.[1]



Roth's body is a gravitational anomaly. He can affect himself (simulating increased durability, speed, and strength) and others (crushing Gadget).

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