Cora Birch is a tech/social/feminist writer from Seattle, who has two degrees and has written three books. The fourth one was about Tony Stark.[1]

She was followed Stark to Tranquility Gulch, in the Moon, and observed as he slowly turned more evil, secretly under the influence of Phlogistone, the mineral being exploited in Tranquility Gulch. As a result, Cora's book became negative towards Stark, and was ultimately cancelled by her publisher because of that.

When humans were depopulating Tranquility Gulch after Iron Man rendered all of the Phlogistone inert, to prevent its toxic influence from reaching Earth, and purging its negative effects from himself in the process, Tony explained to Cora what had caused his behaviour and that he was now cured, but Cora announced to him that her book had been cancelled.[2]

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