Coral was an Atlantean woman sent by Vashti to get help from Namor.


Coral possesses the conventional attributes of the Homo Mermanus species: gills to enable her to extract oxygen from water; a superhuman strong physique to enable her to withstand the extreme water pressure changes that occur beneath the sea, blood circulation enabling her to withstand freezing temperatures, and specially developed vision which was more sensitive to the green portion of the spectrum enabling her to see in the murky depths. She can swim at a speed of approximately thirty miles per hour. Coral can not breathe air out of water. She is capable of lasting approximately nine minutes out of water before suffocating. However, she can operate out of water by wearing a special breathing helmet or by periodically ingesting a chemical that enabled her to draw oxygen from the air. Coral possesses the normal strength of an Atlantean women, and could lift approximately two tons in air under optimal conditions.


Breathe underwater, swim at 30 mph, resistant to cold and high water pressure.

Strength level

Lift 2 tons in air.


Only able to breathe out of water for 9 minutes without artificial aid.

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