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Cordelia Frost is the younger sister of Emma Frost and Adrienne Frost, as well as being the youngest of the four Frost siblings. She was regarded by her parents as being the "lost" one in the family, and as such she rebelled by dressing in black, having sullen, sulky moods and being argumentative, although she was only a teenager.[1]

Cordelia first made an appearance when she "discovered" Mondo, a mutant she befriended on Samoa.[2] Cordelia pretended to drown and turned Mondo over to the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle in an attempt to get herself probationary membership.[3][4] Cordelia's scheme backfired however, as Mondo was kidnapped by a squad of mercenaries representing the mysterious "Barrington".[4]

Cordelia then decided to go to Emma, now headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, and ask for help. Emma, who knew her sister well, suspected she was up to something, but decided to help her nonetheless. After Mondo was rescued by Generation X, he bid farewell to Cordelia (still unaware she had betrayed him) and was invited, subsequently accepting to join the school.[4]

However, Mondo later betrayed the team to Black Tom Cassidy, and was himself killed by Bastion who was there at the time to kidnap Jubilee.[5] It was later revealed that the Mondo who betrayed Generation X was a clone created by Black Tom Cassidy, who liberated the original Mondo from the Hellfire Club. Black Tom raised the boy as his own, and then set about exacting revenge on Cordelia for turning Mondo over to the Hellfire Club. Cordelia fled to her elder sister Emma begging for help as Black Tom, Mondo, and the Juggernaut were after her. After a brief battle, the tide turned and the villains fled. During the confusion, Cordelia slipped away.[6]

After M-Day[]

It is unknown if Cordelia Frost lost or kept her mutant powers during the M-Day. She was present at a Hellfire Club meeting where Kade Kilgore presented his Hellfire Academy's Hellions in order to frighten any potential rivals to his rule over the Club.[7]

At some point Cordelia passed away and Emma, through her position on the Quiet Council of Krakoa, made it sure that she was in no priority to be resurrected.[8]



  • Familial Power Immunity: She is immune to Emma's telepathy.[4]

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