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A Master Mold design created on the basis of the Prime Sentinel principle using biomechatronic mass as a means of converting and implementing cyborgified Homo sapiens.[1] It was found and dismantled alongside it's Omega Sentinel enclave by Psyloke whom was under the employ of a to-do list left behind by Magneto.[citation needed]



Technorganic Robot: Being semi mechanical & biological, Core Command has the malleability of living tissue crossed with the cold processing power of manufactured computer processing.

  • Sentinel: Being of Sentinel design, he potentially possesses all the natural arming of Sentinels in all their functionality.
    • Mutant detection[1]
  • Master Mold: As a Master Mold sentinel, Core/Central Command is a higher grade model of Prime/Omega Sentinel design. It's primary purpose being the securation and production of biomass to produce more Prime Sentinels.
    • Omega Sentinel Production: Central Command's main parameter is either the conversion or genesis of Prime series Sentinels, created from the processing of organic based Sentinite technology begotten from its techno-organic chassis.[1]
      • Nano-Sentinels: Core's can make use of internal machamorphation facilities to endlessly construct a sentinel nano-viruses with which to transform living organisms into cyberbionic machinery.[1]


Central Command had been programmed with an innate understanding of biomechatronic and organic surgical practices in order to fabricate and improve on the Omega Prime Sentinel scheme. So as to build the perfect inconspicuous mutant killers.[1]


Its cerebral grows merged and infused itself into the surroundings. Rendering the biomechanical Master Mold stationary.[1]

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