Corinthia is a mountainous realm of loosely allied city-states. A lesser kingdom, its major claim to fame was that, while the Road of Kings trade route passed through its countryside, it had never been one of its major stops.[3]


Under Acheron's dominion

Corinthia was annexed by Acheron, but with the Fall of Acheron circa 13,000 BC, it regained its independence.[4]

Age of Conan

Some times later, Conan encountered a group of mourners for the death of Jonar, a well-loved local noble who wasted away his part of the family fortune. Conan and Lady Radia, a noblewoman whom he spent some time with, found that Jonar managed to simulate his death and return from the crypt to kill his hated brother Bojj and take his place among the living, thus acquiring his fortune. The tomb he chose to be buried was however haunted by a degenerate race, the descendants of a strange alien race who was sealed up under the earth to perish by his distant forebears. The dwellers under the tombs killed both Jonar and Bojj, but Conan managed to save Radia and escape, locking the crypt again.[5]

Some time later, Conan fought in the Corinthian meadowlands with the allied forces of Poloponni and Lonika against the armies of Zhenkri of Athros, the Lion of Corinthia. After the battle was over, Prince Achmar surrendered and was immediately slain by Zhenkri, while the Cimmerian was held prisoner. Approaching Poloponni, he managed to escape with the prince's twin sister, Kassa, and reach the city-state.[6]


Much of the local population practices farming and herding, and are effectively self-sufficient. The cities are local centers of industry, developing wool clothes and hand-crafted musical instruments. There is a significant contrast between the pastoral paradise of its countryside, and the crime-infested back alleys of certain city-states. Rogues, brawlers, and "loose women" frequent and control such city districts.[3]

Alternate realities


Following a tunnel, Thor appeared in the middle of some hills, where a group of soldiers, who were looking for Conan, mistook him for an Aesir.[7]

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The Road of Kings' path went through Corinthia.[13]



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